Happy Monday!!

Day #89

Thought of the Day:

I can not and will not cut my conscience to fit this year's fashions.
-Lillian Hellman

Bad Joke of the Day:

I wonder...
Why does night fall but never break and day break but never fall?

Random Fact of the Day:

90% of the population has an "innie" belly button.

Super Bowl Predictions

Here are the predictions.  Just  two teams remain!  No one picked the Giants, so it's all about the Patriots!

Sports Watches:

Minnesota Twins

63 days until 2008 season opener (3/31)

Minnesota Vikings

8-8 2nd Place

Results: L MIN: 19  DEN: 22

Next Up: Next Year

Minnesota Timberwolves

8-35  5th Place  18 games behind
W MIN: 98  NJ: 95
Next Up:
Tuesday, January 29, 7:30pm at Chicago Bulls

Minnesota Wild

28-19-3  59PTS  1st Place  1 point ahead
W MIN: 3  COL: 2

Next Up: Wednesday, January 30, 6:00pm vs Anaheim Ducks


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