Have A Great Day!!

Day #94

Thought of the Day:

I don't think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains.
-Anne Frank

Bad Joke of the Day:

I wonder...
Do fish get thirsty?

Random Fact of the Day:

Smiling releases endorphins in the body, which makes people feel better.

Super Bowl Predictions

Wow!!  What a game!!!  New York Giants win:  17-14!

Sports Watches:

Minnesota Twins

56 days until 2008 season opener (3/31)

Minnesota Vikings

8-8 2nd Place

Results: L MIN: 19  DEN: 22

Next Up: Next Year

Minnesota Timberwolves

10-36  5th Place  19 games behind
W MIN: 104  LAC: 83
Next Up:
Monday, February 4, 7:00pm vs Houston Rockets

Minnesota Wild

30-19-3  63PTS  1st Place  3 points ahead
W MIN: 4  CLB: 1

Next Up: Tuesday, February 5, 7:00pm vs Detroit Red Wings


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