Happy Tuesday!!

Day #95

Thought of the Day:

If all the misfortunes were laid in one common heap whence everyone must take an equal portion, most people would be contented to take their own and depart.

Bad Joke of the Day:

I wonder...
How do you get off a non-stop flight?

Random Fact of the Day:

The act of stretching and yawning is referred to as pandiculation.

Sports Watches:

Minnesota Twins

55 days until 2008 season opener (3/31)

Minnesota Vikings

8-8 2nd Place

Results: L MIN: 19  DEN: 22

Next Up: Next Year

Minnesota Timberwolves

10-37  5th Place  20 games behind
L MIN: 86  HOU: 92
Next Up:
Friday, February 8, 7:00pm vs Boston Celtics

Minnesota Wild

30-19-3  63PTS  1st Place  3 points ahead
W MIN: 4  CLB: 1

Next Up: Tuesday, February 5, 7:00pm vs Detroit Red Wings


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