Happy May 26, 2009!!

Day #160

Thought of the Day:

Never be bullied into silence.  Never allow yourself to be made a victim.  Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.
- Harvey Fierstein

Bad Joke of the Day:

When is four half of five?
When its a Roman Numeral: F(IV)E!

Random Fact of the Day:

The average annual earnings of workers age 18 and over with an advanced degree are $74,602.  This compares with $51,206/year for those with bachelor's degrees, $27,915 for those with a high school diploma only and $18,734 for those without a high school diploma.

Sports Watches:

Minnesota Twins

22-24  3rd Place  4.5 games behind

Results: L MIN: 5  BOS: 6

Next Up: Tuesday, May 26, 7:10pm vs Boston Red Sox

Minnesota Vikings

Countdown to 2009 Season Kick-Off: 110 days

Sunday, September 13, 12:00pm at Cleveland Browns

Minnesota Timberwolves

24-58  4th Place  30 games behind

Results: L MIN: 90  SAC: 97

Next Up: Next Year

Minnesota Wild

40-33-9  89PTS  3rd Place  11 points behind 

Results: W MIN: 6  CLB: 3

Next Up: Next Year


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