Fantastic Thursday!!

Day #13 

Thought of the Day:

A friend is someone who dances with you in the sunlight and walks beside you in the shadows.

Bad Joke of the Day:

A flea and a fly in a flue
were imprisoned so what could they do?
Said the flea "let us fly"
said the fly "let us flee"
so they flew through a flaw in the flue.

Random Fact of the Day:

A skunk's smell can be detected by a human a mile away.

Sports Watches:

Minnesota Twins

75-77  3rd place  15 games behind ~ Eliminated

Results: W  MIN: 4  TEX: 2

Next Up: Friday, September 21, 7:10pm vs Chicago White Sox

Minnesota Vikings

1-1 T-3rd Place

Results: L MIN: 17  DET: 20  OT

Next Up: Sunday, September 23, 12:00pm at Kansas City

Minnesota Timberwolves

43 days until 07-08 season opener (11/2)

Minnesota Wild

14 days until 07-08 season opener (10/4)


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