Happy Short Week!!

Day #31 

Thought of the Day:

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.
-Henry Ford

Bad Joke of the Day:

What do you get when you cross a vulture with a small grass house?
A scavenger hut.

Random Fact of the Day:

The average life span of a major league baseball is 7 pitches.

World Series Predictions

A few late votes have come in for the Rockies who beat the Diamondbacks last night to make the World Series!
Cleveland leads Boston 2-1 with game four tonight.  We'll see how many people are correct in the end!

Sports Watches:

Minnesota Twins

79-83  3rd place  17 games behind ~ Eliminated

Results: W  MIN: 3  BOS: 2

Next Up: Next year

Minnesota Vikings

2-3 3rd Place

Results: W MIN: 34  CHI: 31

Next Up: Sunday, October 21, 3:15pm at Dallas Cowboys

Minnesota Timberwolves

17 days until 07-08 season opener (11/2)

Minnesota Wild

5-0-0  10PTS  1st Place  4 points ahead

Results: W MIN: 2  ANA: 0

Next Up: Tuesday, October 16, 9:30pm at Los Angeles Kings


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