Happy End of the First Quarter!!

Day #39

Thought of the Day:

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
- Robert Collier

Bad Joke of the Day:

Why didn't the skeleton dance at the party?
He had no body to dance with!

Random Fact of the Day:

Great Britain was the first county to issue postage stamps on May 1, 1840.

Sports Watches:

Minnesota Twins

158 days until 2009 season opener

Next Up: Monday, April 6, 7:10pm vs Seattle Mariners

Minnesota Vikings

3-4  3rd Place
Results: L MIN: 41  CHI: 48

Next Up: Sunday, Nov. 2, 12:00pm vs Houston Texans


Minnesota Timberwolves

1-0  T- 1st Place

Results: W MIN: 98  SAC: 96

Next Up: Saturday, Nov. 1, 7:00pm vs Dallas Mavericks

Minnesota Wild

6-1-1  13PTS  1st Place  2 points ahead 

Results: L MIN: 2  DAL: 4

Next Up: Thursday, Oct. 30, 7:00pm vs Montreal Canadiens


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