Good Morning!!

Day #43 

Thought of the Day:

Be careful of your thoughts, they may become words at any moment.

Bad Joke of the Day:

What should you do when you see an endangered animal that is eating an endangered plant?

Random Fact of the Day:

In 1903, there were originally only eight Crayola crayons in a box and they sold for five cents.

Sports Watches:

Minnesota Twins

146 days until 2008 season opener (3/31)

Minnesota Vikings

3-5 T-3rd Place

Results: W MIN: 35  SD: 17

Next Up: Sunday, November 11, 12:00pm at Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Timberwolves

0-2 3rd Place
L MIN: 93  NY: 97
Next Up:
Tuesday, November 6, 7:00pm vs Orlando Magic

Minnesota Wild

9-4-2  20PTS  1st Place  2 points ahead

Results: W MIN: 5  EDM: 2

Next Up: Sunday, November 11, 7:00pm at Colorado Avalanche


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