Happy Friday!!

Day #44

Thought of the Day:

I think one's feelings waste themselves in words; they ought all to be distilled into actions which bring results.
- Florence Nightingale

Bad Joke of the Day:

Two men went into a diner and sat down at the counter.  They ordered two sodas, took sandwiches out of their packs and started to eat them.
The owner saw what was going on and approached the men.  "You can't eat your own sandwiches in here," the owner complained.
The two men stopped, looked at each other, and then swapped their sandwiches.

Random Fact of the Day:

The word malaria comes from the words mal and aria, which means bad air.  This derives from the days when it was thought that all diseases were caused by bad or dirty air.

Sports Watches:

Minnesota Twins

150 days until 2009 season opener

Next Up: Monday, April 6, 7:10pm vs Seattle Mariners

Minnesota Vikings

4-4  T-2nd Place
Results: W MIN: 28  HOU: 21

Next Up: Sunday, Nov. 9, 12:00pm vs Green Bay Packers


Minnesota Timberwolves

1-3  T-3rd Place  3 games behind

Results: L MIN: 125  SA: 129

Next Up: Friday, Nov. 7, 9:00pm at Sacramento Kings

Minnesota Wild

8-3-1  17PTS  T-1st Place 

Results: W MIN: 3  COL: 1

Next Up: Saturday, Nov. 8, 9:00pm at Vancouver Canucks


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