Happy Tuesday!!

Thought of the Day

Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.
- Doug Firebaugh

Bad Joke of the Day

Last night I dreamt I was writing 'Lord of the Rings'. Turns out I was Tolkien in my sleep.

Random Fact of the Day

It would take about 1.2 million mosquitoes, each sucking once, to completely drain the average human of blood.

Sports Watches

Minnesota Twins

Countdown to 2013 Season Opener: 69 days
Mon., Apr. 1, 1:10pm vs Detroit Tigers


Minnesota Vikings

L - Minnesota: 10 Green Bay: 24
Next Up:
Next Year


Minnesota Timberwolves

17-21 | 5th Place | 13.5 games behind
L - Minnesota: 96 Atlanta: 104
Next Up:
Wed., Jan. 23, 7:00pm vs Brooklyn Nets


Minnesota Wild

2-0-0 | 4 Points | 1st Place | 2 points ahead
W - Minnesota: 1 Dallas: 0
Next Up:
Tues., Jan. 22, 7:00pm vs Nashville Predators


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