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Thought of the Day

Do not think how hard is it. Just think that you will do it, no matter how.

Bad Joke of the Day

Why do parents give children a middle name?
So the child knows when he or she is in serious in trouble!

Random Fact of the Day

On average, there are 180 sesame seeds on a bun of a Big Mac.

Sports Watches

Minnesota Twins

Countdown to 2012 Season Opener: 67 days
Fri., Apr. 6, 6:05pm at Baltimore Orioles

Minnesota Vikings

L - Minnesota: 13 Chicago: 17
Next Up:
Next Year

Minnesota Timberwolves

9-11 | 5th Place | 7.5 games behind
L - Minnesota: 101 LA Lakers: 106
Next Up:
Mon., Jan. 30, 7:00pm at Houston Rockets

Minnesota Wild

24-18-7 | 55 Points | 2nd Place | 9 points behind
W - Minnesota: 3 Colorado: 2
Next Up:
Tues., Jan. 31, 7:00pm vs Nashville Predators

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