Happy Valentine's Day!!

Thought of the Day

If you would know the road ahead, ask someone who has traveled it.
- Chinese Proverb

Bad Joke of the Day

Before the Internet, people probably spent a lot of time wondering what to do with all their pictures and videos of cats.

Random Fact of the Day

The food that is digested in your stomach is called "chyme".

Sports Watches

Minnesota Twins

Countdown to 2013 Season Opener: 46 days
Mon., Apr. 1, 1:10pm vs Detroit Tigers


Minnesota Vikings

L - Minnesota: 10 Green Bay: 24
Next Up:
Next Year


Minnesota Timberwolves

19-31 | 5th Place | 19 games behind
L - Minnesota: 93 Utah: 97
Next Up:
Wed., Feb. 20, 7:00pm vs Philadelphia 76ers


Minnesota Wild

6-6-1 | 13 Points | T-2nd Place | 5 points behind
L - Minnesota: 1 Vancouver: 2
Next Up:
Thurs., Feb. 14, 7:00pm vs Colorado Avalanche


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