Happy February 25, 2014!!

Thought of the Day

One who wishes to secure the good of others, has already secured their own.
- Confucius

Bad Joke of the Day

Why don't lobsters share?
Because they are shellfish.

Random Fact of the Day

The current world record for largest Christmas light display is 502,165 LED lights set by a family in Australia.

Sports Watches

Minnesota Twins

Countdown to 2014 Season Opener: 34 days
Mon., Mar. 31, 3:10pm at Chicago White Sox

Spring Training: 0-0
Next Up:
Fri., Feb. 28, 12:05pm at Boston Red Sox


Minnesota Vikings

W - Minnesota: 14 Detroit: 13
Next Up:
Next Year


Minnesota Timberwolves

27-29 | 3rd Place | 15.5 games behind
L - Minnesota: 97 Portland: 108
Next Up:
Tues., Feb. 25, 8:00pm at Phoenix Suns


Minnesota Wild

31-21-7 | 69 Points | 4th Place | 15 points behind
W - Minnesota: 3 Nashville: 2
Next Up:
Thurs., Feb. 27, 8:30pm at Edmonton Oilers


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