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Thought of the Day

I'll never look back and say that I could have done more. I've paid the price in practice, but I know I get the most out of my ability.
- Carl Yastrzemski

Bad Joke of the Day

The professor discovered that his theory of earthquakes was on shaky ground.

Random Fact of the Day

All the jars and glass bottles thrown away during one month by Americans could fill the Empire State Building.

Sports Watches

Minnesota Twins

5-13 | 4th Place | 6 games behind
L - Minnesota: 2 Boston: 11
Next Up:
Wed., Apr. 25, 7:10pm vs Boston Red Sox


Minnesota Vikings

Countdown to 2012 Season Kick-off: 137 days
Sun., Sept. 9, 12:00pm vs Jacksonville Jaguars


Minnesota Timberwolves

26-39 | 5th Place | 20.5 games behind
L - Minnesota: 88 Golden State: 93
Next Up:
Thurs., Apr. 26, 7:00pm vs Denver Nuggets


Minnesota Wild

35-36-11 | 81 Points | 4th Place | 30 points behind
L - Minnesota: 1 Phoenix: 4
Next Up:
Next Year


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