Happy Friday!!

Thought of the Day

For myself I am an optimist - it does not seem to be much use being anything else.

Bad Joke of the Day

Novice pirates make terrible singers because they can't hit the high seas.

Random Fact of the Day

Pittsburgh is the only city where all major sports teams have the same colors: Black and gold.

Sports Watches

Minnesota Twins

Countdown to 2012 Season Opener: 175 days
Fri., Apr. 6, 6:05pm at Baltimore Orioles


Minnesota Vikings

W - Minnesota: 34 Arizona: 10
Next Up:
Sun., Oct. 16, 7:20pm at Chicago Bears


Minnesota Timberwolves

Countdown to 11-12 Season Tip-off: 33 days?
Wed., Nov. 16, 7:00pm vs Milwaukee Bucks


Minnesota Wild

2-1-1 | 5 Points | 2nd Place | 1 point behind
W - Minnesota: 2 Edmonton: 1
Next Up:
Sat., Oct. 15, 7:00pm vs Detroit Red Wings


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