Happy Thursday!!

Thought of the Day

Forget the past. No one becomes successful in the past.

Bad Joke of the Day

Old lawyers never die they just lose their appeal.

Random Fact of the Day

Golf was banned in England in 1457 because it was considered a distraction from the serious pursuit of archery.

Sports Watches

Minnesota Twins

Countdown to 2012 Season Opener: 155 days
Fri., Apr. 6, 6:05pm at Baltimore Orioles


Minnesota Vikings

W - Minnesota: 24 Carolina: 21
Next Up:
Mon., Nov. 14, 7:30pm at Green Bay Packers


Minnesota Timberwolves

Countdown to 11-12 Season Tip-off: 30 days?
Sat., Dec. 3, 9:30pm at Golden State Warriors


Minnesota Wild

5-3-3 | 13 Points | T-3rd Place | 3 points behind
W - Minnesota: 2 Detroit: 1
Next Up:
Thurs., Nov. 3, 7:00pm vs Vancouver Canucks


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