Happy Wednesday!!

Thought of the Day

Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions.
- Albert Einstein

Bad Joke of the Day

Do you know what Mary had when she went to dinner?
Everybody knows Mary had a little lamb.

Random Fact of the Day

Today there are at least 230 million registered motor vehicles in the United States, but only an estimated 105 million parking spaces.

Sports Watches

Minnesota Twins

Countdown to 2013 Season Opener: 145 days
Mon., Apr. 1, 1:10pm vs Detroit Tigers


Minnesota Vikings

L - Minnesota: 20 Detroit: 30
Next Up:
Sun., Nov. 11, 12:00pm vs Detroit Lions


Minnesota Timberwolves

2-1 | 1st Place | 0.5 games ahead
W - Minnesota: 107 Brooklyn: 96
Next Up:
Wed., Nov. 7, 7:00pm vs Orlando Magic


Minnesota Wild

Countdown to 12-13 Season Face-off: 24 days
Sat., Dec. 1, 7:00pm at Nashville Predators


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