Happy Tuesday!!

Thought of the Day

Once we discover how to appreciate the timeless values in our daily experiences, we can enjoy the best things in life.
- Harry Hepner

Bad Joke of the Day

Chuck Norris doesn't wear a watch. He decides what time it is.

Random Fact of the Day

Mexico's official name is the United Mexican States or Estados Unidos Mexicanos.

Sports Watches

Minnesota Twins

Countdown to 2014 Season Opener: 125 days
Mon., Mar. 31, 1:10pm at Chicago White Sox


Minnesota Vikings

T - Minnesota: 26 Green Bay: 26
Next Up:
Sun., Dec. 1, 12:00pm vs Chicago Bears


Minnesota Timberwolves

8-8 | T-3rd Place | 5 games behind
L - Minnesota: 84 Indiana: 98
Next Up:
Wed., Nov. 27, 7:00pm vs Denver Nuggets


Minnesota Wild

15-6-4 | 34 Points | T-3rd Place | 3 points behind
L - Minnesota: 0 St. Louis: 3
Next Up:
Wed., Nov. 27, 7:00pm vs Phoenix Coyotes


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